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Funny ideas

  • Most of Avarthrel's vampires are actually commoners through and through, which actually runs very much contrary to the idea that vampires are refined aristocrats. As Loane might say: "I was just a common girl. I'm still a common girl, I just dress a bit snappier."
  • Also, a common theme in fantasy that goes without saying is that vampires are feared. The odd idea is that in Avarthrel, many people still fear vampires but the fact is that many people actually find them okay once they just get used to the idea that they're around. Worse than that, maybe it's the vampires who need to fear the people!

Idea sources

  • I got this weird notion that vampires might not exactly be as glamorous than most people believe them to be from "The Coldest Girl in Coldtown" by Holly Black.
  • And as weird as this may sound, but I was strangely struck by the beginning of the BloodRayne film (yes, the Uwe Boll one, no escaping this) when I saw it again - though this idea originally came after I had completely forgotten the film and I just had to revisit it. I had already established that maybe vampires aren't powerful; maybe people somewhere actually treat them like circus freaks.