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Welcome, ye of most scholarly person, to the Avarthrel Encyclopædia - a compendium of all things under the skies of the planet Avarthrel.


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Welcome to Avarthrel Wiki

Avarthrel is a fantasy world that somehow got its start in 2005, and has been in almost-constant (if at times sporadic) development, mostly by Urpo Lankinen (aka WWWWolf).

This wiki will be dedicated to further development of the world. It sprung up through the need to organise all sorts of notes about characters and places of the world. Using a wiki to record stuff regarding the canon of the world seemed like a good idea. This wiki is not just a personal note collection, but also an exercise in writing in itself!

This wiki is based on MediaWiki 1.28.0. There's 435 articles. You can also see the statistics.

Indexes of content

This wiki is a total mess, unfortunately! It has been torn around so many different wiki systems that it isn't funny. We started with obscure software, went to MediaWiki, then to MoinMoin and we're back on MediaWiki. Most of the history is preserved, but at what cost, I wonder?! However, I'm working on new ways to organise the contents.

Also, there's separate namespaces for other random stuff:

  • Fiction - snippets of fiction and lore
  • Stories - cataloguing stuff that happens in the stories


The contents of this wiki, sans images and user pages, are distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licence. However, this only applies to the text itself; the world may be used under a much more permissive licence, which only requires that everyone is allowed to use your creations. Images in the wiki are under different licenses.

See the Avarthrel license page for the actual Avarthrel license, and the Copyrights page in this wiki for specific copyright considerations of the content in this wiki.