Quirierle Foggymorn

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Quirierle Foggymorn

Quir, Fogs

Quirierle portrait small.jpg
Gender: female
Race: human
Citizen of: Varmhjelm
Occupation: Battlemage
Affiliation: Quir's Concoctions (owner)
Anchorfall Academy
Boaredomm Institute
Jenyr's Company (supplier)
Battlemage corps
Sisterhood of Ash (worldly)
Born: 9.II.603 AR
Halfenpeak, Varmhjelm
Military achievements
Military rank: Battlemage-Captain (Varmian army)

Quirierle Foggymorn (b. 9.II.603 AR—) is an alchemist and a mage, who rose to prominence during her short but illustrious career as a Battlemage. Ever since then, she has gained prominence in alchemical research, study of enchantment of magical items, and as a storekeeper.


Quirierle has a fair skin typical to northerners. She has straight, tidy but uncombed, short, light brown hair. Her eyes are green.

She is about the average height for a Varmian woman. She could be best described as slim and athletic, owing to her fighting prowess and hard, daily exercise. Her body looks a bit slimmer than necessary, making her look slightly stretched, perhaps; she's built bottom-heavy, with strong legs, wide hips and narrow chest, yet her arms pack some punch while they don't look too strong. She's not very busty, but she's still noticeably feminine where it counts.

She has several tattoos; most notable of these are eight the monster silhouettes that circle her right arm near the shoulder. She doesn't talk much about these to anyone, and quickly changes the subject if anyone asks. She also has the symbol of Charon's Artillery tattooed right below the silhouettes, with her serial number (#42), a red pentagram on the back of her left hand (very faint, not immediately obvious from the distance), and a black heart with two entwined lines that go around it on her right hip ("I have absolutely no idea how I got that one, but I like it"). She has a couple of noticeable battle scars on her back and sides, and a smaller one near her lower ribs on left side and two small scars forming a cross on the side of her left breast; she says she had more scars on the front, her limbs and her face, but those have been removed with magic means ("Thought about removing the rest, but there are guys who find them sexy, so I only got them a light treatment").

While she's always been comfortable in the Battlemage uniforms, in Anchorfall, her clothing habits are often subject to debate; some of her peers say a female mage should use traditional robes, but she prefers trousers, a vest, and a headband; as she said, "I'd rather look like a practical woman rather than a shapeless mass of magical bumblery." Her favourite colours are deep red and what she describes as "foxed paper brown".


"Quirierle" is an old Varmian female name, though Quirierle herself thinks that it's probably one of the most common of the old obscure Varmian names, and it doesn't feel too special as a result. She does kind of like the fact that it actually has its root in quirial, an Ulelinghoa word for "diplomat" or "a person who blends or mixes" – appropriate for an alchemist, of course – and that it also has inexplicably another root of quiril, Early Varmian for "a forthcoming woman".

Quirierle's nicknames include "Quir" (probably the most common, and the name she usually asks people to use), "Quirie" and "Fogs" (which was mostly used by the Sisterhood of Ash, particularly by Maria.)


“I like order. But I'm nobody's bitch. Never been. And I intend to keep it that way. That's the only way to ensure orderliness.”

—Quirierle Foggymorn

To people who don't know her, Quirierle often comes across as somewhat introverted, jaded and short-tempered. In the military, she easily comes across as a by-the-book officer who doesn't react well to insubordination. Either way, the first thing they learn, when the inevitable awkwardness dissipates, is that despite her introversion and insistence on attention to detail, she's definitely no stranger to humour - ranging from witty snarkiness to a bit of greasy talk.

On a closer inspection, she is definitely not shy, and it definitely is possible to get to know her. She's actually a very easy person to work with – as long as she's surrounded by other people who are also easy to work with. If she's trying to relax, she's surprisingly sociable and enjoys drinking and casual sex.

Typical day

“Other people try to prove their badassiness by smoking a lot. Bullllllshit. I'm proving my badassiness by drinking a lot. People smoke to calm down their nerves. Never had any need for that shit. People can handle me being a bit high strung. But beer just knocks me down good. Sometimes needed if I want to actually get some sleep.”

—Quirierle Foggymorn, after a couple of pints

Quirierle usually gets up very early; she only needs four to five hours of sleep every night, and seems to feel perfectly rested. She's usually only oversleeping if she needs to get through a hangover. First thing in the morning, she tends to run from end to end of the Upper Town and do exercises in her backyard. Sometimes she stops by some mercenary companies of Wilhelmsroad to spar with the fighters in unarmed combat, swordplay and staff and spear fighting.

She keeps the shop open during business hours, about 8 AM to 4 PM. When she's not serving customers or fulfilling orders, she's often experimenting with alchemy and enchanting, as well as tinkering with copperthings. In some days, she closes the shop and does further work at the Anchorfall Academy. After closing time, she either continues this, or keeps practising fighting. After around 8 PM, she tends to go to the tavern, if her friends are going; if not, she usually keeps home studying.

Methodical nature

“Good grief. Do it right, or don't bother.”

—Quirierle Foggymorn

Quirierle is often called "Quir", "Quirie" or even "Fogs". When she was a student in the Anchorfall Academy of Magic (where she still sometimes also teaches), she was often known as the "Uncurious Quirie" or, the nickname she resented most, "The Tomboy with Intact Eyebrows." While alchemy is often very dangerous to the practitioner, either due to fumes or explosions, Quirierle has never, ever had a major accident happen on her watch; she finds it inconceivable that the prevailing attitude at the time actually encouraged recklessness.


“I'm a mage, so among other things I carry the world on my shoulders when the push comes to shove. I'm a woman, so I sort of care about you a lot because I'm your friend. But beside that... I don't really care what the hells these people think they're doing.”

—Quirierle Foggymorn, to Gnedrnygr Adithebadoggr

Quirierle described herself as having "two prongs"; she has concerns for the world, and concern for individuals, but there's space in between: she often wants to forget that people exist. She's somewhat introverted, and is best at already established personal relationships and when saving the whole world.

Despite of her introversion, she's not shy; She can appear on public if absolutely needed - and once she gets over with the initial annoyance with getting to the speed, she's also ready to admit she actually enjoys teaching her best tricks to other people. She is also quick-witted and observant, and has great tactical sense, skills that proved invaluable in her military career. While people often think she's humourless, she just doesn't like stupid humour; she actually appreciates intelligent humour very much.


Her long military career probably only made her short temper and little tolerance for failures to follow simple instructions much worse. As long as things go fine, she's an extremely fun person to be with, but as soon as things start to go seriously wrong, she's quick to roar at even smallest bit of things that are out of place. While she's got an open mind for looking for help and will generally understand that small problems tend to crop up in every project, she's not shy at completely dismissing people who routinely can't get things done right. She tends to reject help from people who she knows she will have problems working with, and will not keep the reasons secret.

That said, despite voicing her disapproval, she's not shy of cooperating with problematic people unless they do something that's clearly stupid, and is also able to revise her opinions if the problematic people are making effort to reform. Person to person, she's extremely matter-of-the-factual, prefers to keep to herself and appreciates her work and books far more than people.

Love life and sexuality

“I like sausages. And I'm speaking very literally here. As a regular patron to the Mysterious Plate which has the best sausages in the whole district, I have put an enormous amount of thought to better roundabout expressions. I talk much more about food than I talk about sex, even if some people don't believe that.”

—Quirierle Foggymorn

Quirierle describes herself as "mostly heterosexual". She comes across as tomboyish, and even when most people aren't even suggesting she'd be into women, she's trying to make sure people understand who she's into. She has had a few female flings, however, and is quite ready to admit she even has a female lover, Maria.

“Me? Cranky? Hells no, this is nothing. Rudolf Whatshisface got me to the clouds last night. I'm happy like a Forxerlunger's cookie. You don't want to see me being cranky.”

—Quirierle Foggymorn

The taverns are just about the only place where Quirierle consciously tries to let herself loose and get socialising. However, she still rarely visits the taverns unless she knows her friends are going, and feels (irrationally) somewhat awkward without friends to back her up - not that she needs any normally. She knows she certainly could live without taverns, but thinks she needs to maintain her sanity by taking part in the nightlife. Even with her introversion she does enjoy having sex.

Quirierle has several male friends, but she almost never sleeps with friends she sees regularly. She elects to sleep with random men picked up in the taverns. More than anything, this is only explained through her lingering conviction that she's a soldier, and in her opinion, responsible soldiers don't marry and have children only to leave their families behind when they fall in battle.

When in bed, there's a tinge of lack of communication and a dose of selfishness in Quirierle's behaviour that isn't present otherwise. She is aware that she's probably a very difficult woman to please in bed; again, she doesn't have much tolerance for fools, she wants pleasure fast, and she's more concerned about her own pleasure than her partner's. As such, random carnal encounters seem hit-or-miss to her, and she sort of wishes she had her mind set for a stable relationship.

“Don't give me that plawwing 'I'm going to tame that wild cat' look, Private. I can be really fun on R&R. But this is a battlefield. We're going to die unless everyone keeps thinking with their right end. Get your fun from learning magic. Stay vigilant. Stay sharp. And, for crying out loud, listen.”

—Quirierle Foggymorn, addressing some rumours

Quirierle has zero resistance to talking about sex, especially discussing it with other women. She's definitely not immune to bragging about it; if she gets laid, and manages to meet any of her female friends the next day, they will hear about it - though the men have nothing to worry about; all she cares to tell others is that she's feeling fantastic. She also loves to hear if any of the lovebirds around her have been getting busy lately, but doesn't really push for details - except if there's any chance for her to get busy later on.

Fighting abilities

In practice, Quirierle rarely needs to resort to non-magical fighting. However, she's still an extremely capable fighter, very skilled with staff combat (as typical to Battlemages), very skilled with sword, and especially skilled with daggers. She's exceedingly deadly in unarmed hand-to-hand combat, to the extent that it amazes the witnesses a lot: she looks like she could punch a huge magical beast into submission, and she certainly has done so.

Magical abilities

Quirierle is a strong innatist, and can control many elements, particularly the winds. However, she has always regarded her innate powers as a bit untrustworthy, even when she has conceded that she has almost perfect control of her powers. Instead, she tends to focus on the learned craft.


Quirierle was born in Halfenpeak, in northeastern part of Norydina, Varmhjelm. Her mother (Malienna Foggymorn) and father (Frans Foggymorn) were both soldiers situated in Fort Halfenpeak, both captains by rank.

Fort Halfenpeak is an extremely dangerous place to live, and Quir's parents always taught her that she must always be self-reliant, strong and fight hard to get what she needs to survive. She spent her childhood playing mock fights and dreaming of becoming a soldier.

She noticed her innate powers when she was five years old. She never revealed her powers to anyone at first; she thought using these powers was a bit like stealing and there's usually two ways to do everything, the easy and wrong way, and hard and right way. However, she realised later, completely on her own, that there's actually nothing wrong with her innate powers, and she must have just listened to the crazy talk from the fort's soldiers; she's now fairly certain that her parents would have approved of her powers, had they known.

In 11.III.609 AR, when she was six years old, both of her parents were killed when the fortress was raided by monsters. This was obviously very traumatic to her, and filled her with the resolve to learn how to fight.

In retrospect, she has felt somewhat conflicted about her childhood. In her military career, she was strongly exposed to the prevalent idea that soldiers shouldn't marry, and agrees on principle – yet, she's not really sure what to think of her parents, who obviously were married. After all, it's true that they both died in line of duty, and left her an orphan, but on the other hand, she has nevertheless survived just fine. She still distrusts her innate powers, mostly due to the fact that the soldiers distrust innatists, but she's also become an outspoken critic of those old prejudices – she's a proof positive that an innatist can serve as a Battlemage.

She was taken under the wings of the Fort Halfenpeak soldiers, joining the small band of the fort's "war orphans". She kept training to be a soldier, but even when she grew tougher and tougher, she always felt there was little she could do to prevent the inevitable bad things from happening. In 4.V.617 AR, at the age of 14, she met Battlemage-Lieutenant (now Colonel) Qirotan of Barrmeivdinna, who had been passing through the town. Seeing that Quirierle was not utilising her full potential, she encouraged her to join the Royal Armed Forces and start the training to become a Battlemage.

However, Quirierle's career before becoming a full-fledged Battlemage was spotty at best, to the point that some believed she had gone insane – in reality, that was quite an exaggeration. She merely described this time as a period she was "bitten by an insatiable wanderlust". She studied combat magic under Qirotan and Fredrika Armthrayg for almost two years, but in 9.II.619 AR on her 16th birthday, she suddenly applied to Boaredomm Alchemical Institute, where she was admitted a mere week later. The latter was not unexpected, because she had always been fascinated by alchemy, and during this wandering period, she actually dabbled with alchemy a little bit. Some time earlier, she had started using rockjuice, and had actually started to research alchemical cures to the withdrawal symptoms; not long after she started her proper alchemical studies, she had kicked the habit. For some time, she was also a member of the Sisterhood of Ash, getting involved with Maria of Rowanshade, to whom, much to Quir's surprise, she was actually attracted to.

Quirierle's studies in Boaredomm went surprisingly well, considering she was pursuing a degree in alchemy and a degree in formal magic at the same time, though she had significant previous knowledge of magic. It also went surprisingly well, considering she got a permission to live outside the Boaredomm grounds and spent most of her free time roaming the nearby countryside and towns, spending her vacation time in Anchorfall and several other cities, practically studying in other places. While nominally in Boaredomm, most of her magic-related studies were actually done in Anchorfall Academy, while the teachers in Boaredomm helped her learn alchemy. In 1.VI.623 AR, she graduated with honours from the magical training as a master of craft; her masterpiece was an updated version of Sands of Time spell.

From 1.II.625 AR to 1.IX.630 AR, she served in the Royal armed forces of Varmhjelm, finally having the proper training to join the Charon's Artillery. In the calamitous battles of that era, she was put to good use as a Battlemage. She rose in ranks rapidly and in less than a year, she was already serving as a Battlemage-Lieutenant Second Class; while she resented spending time studying non-magic-related things more while there were things to be done, she took the officer course and finished it in less than a year, and was promoted to Battlemage-Lieutenant, right at the eve of the The Revolution. During the war, she was very soon promoted to Battlemage-Captain. Some time afterwards, she expressed her interest to return to civilian research for certain time, and she was dismissed with honours. Undoubtedly, she will return to the service at some later point, or if the need arises.

Between 1.XI.632 AR and 1.VI.636 AR, Quirierle attended Anchorfall Institute of Copper-Engineering Department of Small Device Engineering and graduated with honours as a Master of Copper-Engineering. Her masterwork was the design of a "Chain-Saw", which was funded by Varmhjelm Bureau of Forestry, until the funding was cut off, and the remaining development was funded by Anchorfall Society of Concerned Women.