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-25020 ER

The Three and Half Gods create the planet Avarthrel.

Approx. -25000 ER

A number of gods and demigods bring plantlife, a lot of sealife, and animals from another worlds. They agree to not to bring intelligent races to the world, leaving it as a surprise gift for the spacefaring and portal-using races.

The Era of Dreams

1 ER

The beginning of Progenitor Calendar. The exact significance of the calendar's start has been lost in time; often presumed to be the time when the Progenitors left their homeworld to colonize other planets with their sleeping children.

20632 ER

The Progenitors arrive in Avarthrel, establish a sleeper colony, and depart soon after.

The Early Elven Empire

22352 ER - 1 UR

The Elven Dawn - the forefathers of Elves awaken in Avarthrel.

Realm of Tethivel established.

140 UR

Settlement of Furinel established.

2582 UR

Goblins, Orcs and Goborcs are brought to the world.

25908 UR

5.9.: Atavyl Lathryl ath Lathryl, a great elven poet, was born.

28026 UR

12.12.: Atavyl Lathryl ath Lathryl died.

The Slaveking's Empire

30250 UR

The Slaveking discovers the world of Avarthrel, and brings Humans to work there.

The Early Imperial Era

31285 UR - 1 OR

The Unshackling: With a little help from the elves, humans defeat the Slaveking. The Empire is slowly formed as humans start settling the unclaimed lands. Humans start keeping a calendar of their own.

2-3 OR

The first Emperor is crowned. The details are spotty, though most historians agree this emperor is Graelnageus the Just.

44 OR

End of the first imperial reign of which definite records remain - Song of Just Ruler laments the death of emperor Graelnageus.

107 OR

Beginning of the reign of Emperor Acuageussatrus.

132 OR

Acuageussatrus dies in war.

526 OR

1.7.: The first codification of elvish alphabet.

620 OR

4.8.: The beginning of War of the Desert Divided in Protectorate of Colem.

642 OR

1.6.: The three major nations (and five tribes) of Fionkyyde unite, bringing an end to the War of the Desert Divided.

The Middle Imperial Era

1822 OR

1.9.: Formal abolition of the tribal system of Fionkyyde.

The Final Imperial Peace

6482 OR

8.9.: Panigcan Secession War (The Old Hotel Coup) ends. The last very long period of Imperial Peace begins; no major incidents occur until 7200s AR.

6885 OR

30.6.: The Completion of the Purification of the Worship: Over the preceding century, a series of Imperial Decrees were issued, prohibiting worship of certain deities (including Carriglena). All of the records about the very existence of these gods are destroyed, including the decrees themselves. The only remaining document is the Decree on the Completion of the Purification of the Worship, stating that these actions have been made in the first place.

7252 OR

1.1.: A decimal Ducat/Silver/Copper system introduced throughout the Empire.

The Age of Discord

7308 OR

12.9.: Tharkaia declares itself an independent nation.

8225 OR

1.4.: Decree on the Liberation of the Worship: The Purification of the Worship is rescinded and people are allowed to worship any gods they want, though local lords are given the power to stop problems that the worship causes, as necessary.

8266 OR

1.9.: Anchorfall University of Sciences and Arts opens its doors.

8997 OR

Townships of Segva and Ednava merged to the city of Segva-Ednava.

9352 OR

12.1.: A decree by the King of Varmhjelm on rebuilding the Royal Palace.

9402 OR

4.9.: Riders with Flame and Hammer established.

9796 OR

15.4.: Astyr the Stalwart, first King of Independent Grycia, declares Grycia independent of the Empire. Considered to be the day when Grycian kingdom truly took shape.

9802 OR

3.8.: King Trad'eyric III the Shackle-Breaker proclaims Aiecaertea independent of the Empire.

9816 OR

1.6.: Treglin proclaims independence from the Empire.

9825 OR

3.1.: The troops of Truqlqachgrlyaqyc reach Ill-Lamlar, conquering it effortlessly and slaying the Emperor. The last stand of the Final War begins among confusion.

18.1.: Truqlqachgrlyaqyc is defeated and the war finally ends.

20.1.: Order mostly restored in the region of Varmhjelm. The priests, mages, and former politicians convene for the first time to decide the future of the nation.

The Age of Kingdoms

9825 OR

12.2.: Brossimar the Brave relinquishes the throne of Anchorfall. King Harmov crowned, and the kingdom of Varmhjelm was founded.

1 AR

16.4.: New calendar (AR) officially instituted.

3.6.: Astyr the Stalwart and Harmov the Just sign Treaty of Clagatryn.

30.8.: Harmov the Just and current emperor of Furinel sign border treaty to affirm the old borders.

22 AR

16.2.-13.4: The Bloody Snows; culmination of a period of unrest in Grycia which led to an armed conflict between certain border baronies of Grycia and the nation of Varmhjelm. Varmians suffer heavy losses; as a result of these atrocities, the Varmian military code is strengthened.

159 AR

13.2.: The Raid of Thevianpolis: Seemingly without any warning or provocation, the Ganrgisnafirr and Atylhunfirr tribes of Wayrdarhen march into Thevianpolis and sack it. The beginning of the Thevian War.

168 AR

1.4.: Brave Blades founded by Esthic Ornyr.

172 AR

14.6.: The Quarrel on War-Path: The Old Covenant causes disarray among the Grycian army, and the Covenant supporters sabotage an attack, leading to huge losses in Grycian army side. A week later, the King of Grycia declares The Old Covenant unwelcome in Grycia.

180 AR

13.8.: The Thevian War ends when the remnants of Athylhunfirr tribe surrender.

221 AR

14.2.: The Old Covenant issues a formal apology on the events of The Quarrel on War-Path, and the King of Grycia accepts it. However, the Covenant will make a very slow return in Grycia, only gaining support in small numbers for decades to come.

232 AR

2.9. Aliselia Athvathellen born in Whiteleaf.

246 AR

15.4.: Gamadill II crowned as the King of Varmhjelm.

249 AR

1.6.: Aethlynn Iethalcthen born in Holvan-Flyal-Carghven.

292 AR

14.6.: Gamadill the Mediator declares "bardic speech" as "the right of every honest citizen"; freedom of speech and press guaranteed in Varmhjelm.

22.6.: The Everybard, the oldest still-running newspaper in Varmhjelm, is established.

1.7.: The Fashioner's New Cathedral consecrated in Thevianpolis, marking the formal return of the Old Covenant into Grycia.

299 AR

17.9.: Gamadill the Mediator assassinated in middle of a very complex political debate.

326 AR

1.4. printer Vincent Thoviren presents Firina Evelin's Left Side, the first book printed with movable type press.

346 AR

1.5.: Thalimve Lucien born in Bluebrook.

348 AR

22.9.: Aleln Valntathalen born in Velnthiss.

5.12.: Realn Valntathalen (nee Realn Elthosthalen) born in Velnthiss.

392 AR

2.7.: Olbreg Adelev (Adelev the Great of Varmhjelm) born.

341 AR

6.2.: Pharil VI crowned as the King of Furinel.

399 AR

7.12.: Wlehm Archeyblaad born.

402 AR

5.1.: Thalimve Lucien becomes the Duke of Bluebrook after his father's ship sinks.

6.6.: Treaty of Rachinav signed by leaders of Varmhjelm, Grycia, Tharkaia, Fionkyyde and Furinel.

509 AR

19.9.: On nature of love published for the first time.

412 AR

3.2.: King Esnar of Varmhjelm dies.

5.2.: King Adelev the Great rises to the throne of Varmhjelm.

422 AR

6.6.: Aleln Valntathalen founds the town of Nothross.

425 AR

8.3.: Second Treaty of Rachinav signed.

444 AR

6.2. Thattan Adelev (Adelev II of Varmhjelm) born.

463 AR

2.2.: Adelev II of Varmhjelm crowned as king.

467 AR

6.2.: Ivan Esbiconthur born.

471 AR

1.5.: Mican Adelev (Adelev III the Magnificent of Varmhjelm) born.

492 AR

29.8.: Adielle Morthalthen ath Morthalthen born in Bluebrook.

493 AR

16.6.: Wlehm Archeyblaad disappears, presumably in an incident of magical nature.

25.8.: Adelev II of Varmhjelm assassinated.

494 AR

5.1.: Peasant militia loyal to the Adelev family gains control of Anchorfall. Adelev III the Magnificent crowned king.

499 AR

6.9.: Raid on River Arthyl. Ivan Esbiconthur dies when leading the last, ultimately victorious charge.

502 AR

1.3.: Arthur Bovinier born in Anchorfall.

522 AR

6.2.: Wlachm Schybleyng born in Tachur.

525 AR

10.3.: Albrecht Edictel born in Stinvell, Varmhjelm.

527 AR

3.2.: Jaxtomsyn born in The High Citadel.

539 AR

19.1.: King Adelev III the Magnificent of Varmhjelm dies of old age.

27.1.: King Edictel assumes throne of Varmhjelm.

544 AR

2.6.: Frosthold overrun by monsters.

548 AR

12.6.: Maryn Edictel born.

551 AR

2.7.: Varmian ship The Gilded Golidon sinks near Sherenhold.

558 AR

5.9. Peteir Owlinson born.

559 AR

5.1.: Frain Adelev (later to be Adelev IV) born in Anchorfall.

561 AR

12.1.: Gnedrnygr Adithebadoggr born in The High Citadel in Fionkyyde.

1.6.: King Edictel disbands church of Megyntia.

3.6.: Temple of Megyntia raided.

564 AR

1.6.: Gnowdoo Gekitetwer takes Gnedrnygr Adithebadoggr into a magical "pre-school" of sorts, trying to prepare Gnedrnygr for Novicehood in academies.

565 AR

22.12.: The Unrepentants are expelled from The High Citadel.

566 AR.

20.9.: King Edictel of Varmhjelm assassinated.

21.9.: King Adelev IV rises to the throne of Varmhjelm. His mother, Natilla Adelev, becomes the Regent.

567 AR

1.1.: Gnedrnygr Adithebadoggr formally began studying magic at one of the High Citadel's academies.

568 AR

6.6.: First bean oil lamp posts installed on the Adelev the Great's Avenue in Anchorfall, and are lit for the first time at the beginning of the summer carnival. By the end of the autumn, they light all of the major streets of Anchorfall Upper City district and within four years, they're used throughout the city.

7.7.: Maryn Letcider and Sir Garrin Farouler marry in Stinvell.

575 AR.

5.1.: King Adelev IV attains adult age and takes over ther realm from her mother.

12.1.: King Adelev IV marries Trelia Alnhqeuvyn.

576 AR

1.4.: Peteir Owlinson founds the Owlinson Shipyards.

577 AR

1.6.: Gnedrnygr Adithebadoggr graduated.

578 AR

12.8.: Rath'eyric Tragucor de Tvyr (later to be Rath'eyric V of Aiecaertea) born in Aieca'yécai, Aiecaertea.

16.9.: Jenyr Adatel born in Anchorfall.

588 AR

2.3.: Asdic Flann (later to be Asdic II of Grycia) born.

2.1.: Gnedrnygr Adithebadoggr took the Evoker Test, and joined the ranks of Fionkyydan Evokers.

592 AR

1.1.: Varmian Ducats get explicitly redefined (without affecting the existing money values): 1 ducat = 100 pennies.

594 AR

1.1.: Jenyr Adatel becomes a City Guard of Anchorfall.

595 AR

12.5.: Victor Grantsson born in Verrensport.

3.12.: Eth Adrivna born in Anchorfall.

598 AR

30.1.: Maarress d'Breygin born in Anchorfall.

1.6.: Jenyr Adatel promoted to Captain.

3.8.: (Previous king of Aiecaertea)[Undecided!] dies.

24.8.: Rath'eyric V of Aiecaertea crowned as a king.

599 AR

6.12.: Gnedrnygr Adithebadoggr moved to Anchorfall as a part of a group of mages representing Fionkyyde in the Anchorfall Academy.

600 AR

2.5.: Barnas Herbman born.

5.9.: Mona Adienier born.

12.12.: Lena Forecastler born.

601 AR

8.2.: Aleln Valntathalen and Realn Valntathalen marry in Furinia

602 AR

1.3.: Wlachm Schybleyng died accidentally in Lyrchan.

603 AR

5.1.: Facyr Tann born in Clatterteeth.

3.5.: Gnedrnygr Adithebadoggr applied the Preservation on himself.

4.6.: Cassandra Tragucor de Tai (later Arthailia) born in Aieca'yécai, Aiecaertea.

16.6.: Faira Ativel born in Altme.

604 AR

12.5.: Maria of Rowanshade born.

30.1.: Emmalotta Farborough born in Farborough (as Lotta of Farborough).

4.9.: Crefing Graunsdottir born in Lyrchan.

605 AR

12.7.: Mariyea Umall born in Anchorfall.

9.8.: Lex Egrain born in Anchorfall.

12.8.: Rosa Thlynnis born in Anchorfall

606 AR

3.11. Boris Volachlot born in Gorrin Grove.

608 AR

5.12.: Staan Athiv born in Anchorfall

609 AR

1.9.: Realn Valntathalen begins studying in The Academy of Arcane Arts.

13.9.: Hermione Clyisthyela de Narlis born in Aieca'yécai.

611 AR

2.7.: Shadowhawks founded by Eth Adrivna, Max Isthan and Bil Fragus.

612 AR

4.5.: Lilianna Hedder born.

6.12.: Construction of the new Anchorfall Prison concluded.

613 AR

1.4.: Theatre of Lust opens.

614 AR

13.2.: Jactyr Artgann born in Vorshtopolis

619 AR

1.6.: Realn Valntathalen graduates from The Academy of Arcane Arts.

4.6.: Cassandra Tragucor de Tai takes the last name Arthailia, joins the Sacred Order of Juggernauts, leaves the royal house of Aiecaertea and takes on adventuring.

620 AR

14.6.: Asdic Flann coronated as King Asdic II of Grycia.

621 AR

2.3.: Facyr Tann meets Cassandra for the first time.

15.6.: Faira Ativel leaves from Altme aboard The Hurtling Cart, starting her life as an adventurer.

1.6.: Facyr Tann discharged with honours from Grycian Militia and Brave Blades. He starts his job as a caravan guard and a mercenary.

30.6.: Faira's first combat encounter.

14.7.: Barnas Herbman suffers a serious injury when pirates attack The Hurtling Cart on route to Anchorfall. They arrive to Anchorfall the next day, where he's admitted to the hospital.

22.7.: While The Hurtling Cart makes another stop in Anchorfall, Faira goes aboard Mitlan Vriss's ship, and is awarded a provisional letter of marque.

12.10.: Barnas Herbman dies in an unexplained brothel fire in Anchorfall.

19.11.: Mitlan Vriss retires; Faira Ativel becomes a full-fledged privateer captain.

623 AR

1.2.: Facyr Tann joins the Anchorfall City Guard.

13.7.: Karaydhjenna Bourjenn marries Peter the Mason.

18.9.: Peter the Mason (Karaydhjenna Bourjenn's husband) murdered.

624 AR

22.3.: Max Isthan and Bil Fragus killed in a Shadowhawks power struggle.

26.4.-4.5.: The Storm of the Century - a massive hurricane, like of which has never before been seen this far north, appears from the southern seas, passes south-north, over Treglin, and onward to the northern continent. The storm hits Lyrchan, which suffers heavy damage, and finally dissipates somewhat up north. There is unprecedented devastation along the way. Thousands of lives lost, among them Faira Ativel's father, Camran Ativel (26.4.).

18.6.: Crefing the Red attempts to raid Bluebrook, but is repelled by Faira Ativel.

1.7.: Decree by the King of Varmhjelm, massively cutting the benefits enjoyed by the Privateers of Varmhjelm.

1.10.: Letters of Marque of junior Privateers of Varmhjelm (those with less than 5 years of service) are revoked.

21.10.: Faira Ativel settles down from the privateering, following the offer to join the Shadowhawks.

625 AR

1.1.: Privateers of Varmhjelm completely disbanded after the remaining Letters of Marque are finally revoked.

6.2.: The Spell of Apathy cast by Ar'shlanon Orgdycsh-Arfronmye. Slowly, the Apathy is starting to affect everything in Varmhjelm.

22.6.: Karaydhjenna Bourejenn marries second time to Fammis Bourejeene.

626 AR

12.2.: Fammis Bourejeene (Karaydhjenna Bourejenn's husband) murdered.

1.5.: Lex Egrain and Rosa Thlynnis get engaged, vowing to marry within an year.

3.9.: Requiem for the Smashed Legs: Faira and Lex save the theatre play.

7.9.: Facyr Tann promoted to Lieutenant of City Guard.

8.9.: Bidding for a Good Day: Faira and Lex solve the riddle of the auctioned painting.

3.10.: The construction of the new cell wings of Anchorfall Prison is completed.

3.10.: Lilianna Hedder's father, Bert Hedder, is accidentally killed by a runaway horse cart.

22.10.: Ehlarhii deposed by a group of mages lead by Arthur Bovinier. Gnedrnygr Adithebadoggr participates in this.

627 AR

1.1.: Staan Athiv joins the Anchorfall City Guard

12.3.: Faradathil and Tesleetha Estheglan ("The Goshawk and the Bluebird") come to Theatre of Lust.

22.4.: Lex Egrain dies.

28.4.-29.4: The fall of Shadowhawks. Faira announces she's going to leave, others follow the suit. Over the night's conflict, many things happen, most notable of them being the fact that Faira kills Eth Adrivna.

The Great Revolution

627 AR

5.5.: The Great Revolution is sparked.

  • Gathering of the crowds started early.
  • Rioting started in the morning hours.
  • The King's ship, VCS Adamant, accidentally torched and burned to waterline.
  • Organised protests continued throughout the day and afternoon.
  • Around 5 PM, the riots became increasingly violent.
  • Around 6 PM, king and royal family were detained. Shortly afterwards, King Adelev IV, queen Trelia and some of the high-ranked court officials were executed in front of the castle as thousands of citizens watch. King Adelev was thrown off the balcony; An attempt was made to hang the Queen, but the rope wasn't attached properly and she fell from the balcony, too. The rest of the officials were beheaded by the mob, though not in a particularly organised or merciful manner.
  • Rioting continues through the night. Almost all citizens of the city are on the streets, robbing and being robbed.



  • Most of the rioting has died down.
  • Armies of the Edictel family arrive.




  • The last battle of Anchorfall.


  • Council of the Wise Ones declare the revolution over.
  • The mages begin preparations to choose a Regent.

The Regency of Common Blood

627 AR

9.VII.627 AR:

11.VIII.627 AR: Faira takes care of Lex Egrain's pawn shop, opening it the following day.

14.VIII.627 AR: The founding of The Order of Torch.

3.X.627 AR: Faira Ativel meets Thalimve Lucien in Moonbay.

628 AR

16.I.628 AR: Jaana Ativel born.

1.II.628 AR: First edition of Encyclopædia Varmiana published in Anchorfall.

1.VI.628 AR: Simeon Flerin steps down and Theremon Flavis becomes the new Seneschal of Varmhjelm

2.VI.628 AR: Jaxtomsyn's orcling army raids Nothross. Aleln Valntathalen and most of the survivors of Nothross forced to flee.

629 AR

8.I.629 AR: Hso'ri'schi'un the dragon visits Anchorfall Academy of Magic and makes arrangements for his arrival.

22.IV.629 AR: Faira Ativel visits her parents in Altme for first time since she left.

24.IV.629 AR: Hso'ri'schi'un moves to Anchorfall.

30.IV.629 AR: Scorpio Abumred discovers a dangerous reef north of Gerthines.

1.VI.629 AR: Theremon Flavis steps down and Ali Threrista becomes the new Seneschal of Varmhjelm

4.X.629 AR: Erma Clynnwood settles in Bagranwood.

630 AR

16.IV.630 AR: Faira comes to Bluebrook (on some business?), meets Thalimve Lucien and some other elven lords.

20.IV.630 AR: Faira departs from Bluebrook. Thalimve Lucien gives her a dark-seeing ring as a parting gift.

22.IV.630 AR: A group of Mighty Lancers raid Nothross under the command of Aleln Valntathalen, but the fortress remains unconquerable.

26.IV.630 AR: The Shrine to the Winds - a shrine to Cithilia and a memorial to the victims of the Storm of the Century - is consecrated and opened to the public, a few versts north of Altme, Treglin.[1]

12.V.630 AR: Faira Ativel, Facyr Tann and Gnedrnygr Adithebadoggr head to the Temple of Megyntia.[2]

15.V.630 AR: Aleln Valntathalen and Realn Valntathalen depart from Nothross for Anchorfall.[3]

19.V.630 AR: Expedition returns from Temple of Megyntia.[2]

22.V.630 AR: Assault on Anchorfall harbor.[4]

23.V.630 AR: The adventurers return from the Gerthines.[4]

2.VI.630 AR: Aleln Valntathalen, Realn Valntathalen and the adventurers depart from Anchorfall.[3]

19.VI.630 AR: Adventurers arrive to Nothross.[3]

21.VI.630 AR: The adventurers assault the Nothross castle. Jaxtomsyn assassinated by Maarress d'Breygin.[3]

28.VI.630 AR: Chariot race in Furinia.[3]

6.VII.630 AR: Facyr and Cassandra meet each other and get married.[5]

7.VII.630 AR: Faira, Jaana and Rosa leave for Bluebrook.

14.VII.630 AR: Facyr and Cassandra catch Jactyr Artgann‎, The Bone Stealer.[6]

1.IX.630 AR: Autumn festival begins in Nothross.

2.IX.630 AR: Faira, Jaana and Rosa arrive to Anchorfall aboard The Springing Cat.

12.IX.630 AR: Facyr and Cassandra celebrate their wedding with all of their friends.

1.X.630 AR: Quirierle Foggymorn opens her shop, Quir's Concoctions, in the house neighbouring Jenyr's Company.

30.X.630 AR: Faira discovers Carriglena and the lost cathedral of The Order of Dried Petals.[1]

11.XI.630 AR: Faira sends a letter to Marita about Carriglena and the cathedral.[1]

631 AR

1.III.631 AR: Thalimve and Faira get married in Bluebrook; Duchess of Bluebrook, and Special Envoy of Varmhjelm.

15.III.631 AR: Church of Withering and Transience established.

7.IV.631 AR: Henryck and Miralda Kohmanson initiated to the Order of Dried Petals.

10.IV.631 AR:

11.IV.631 AR: Miralda Kohmanson caught by the guard. The first time a Petals member has been caught in the act.[8]

13.IV.631 AR: Auria and Tina depart from Almondehill. Kara and Boris talk about Kara's motivations[9]

14.IV.631 AR: Auria Gustawynde and Tina Gemmarr arrive to Anchorfall. Auria and Kara meet, Auria meets her new boss, and gets Initiated to the Order of Dried Petals.[9]

15.IV.631 AR: Karaydhjenna Bourejenn visitits Miralda Kohmanson in prison.[10]

17.IV.631 AR: Miralda Kohmanson exonerated.[10]

18.IV.631 AR: Auria and Kara looks for targets. Auria meets Quirierle and Jactyr and there's sex.[9]

20.IV.631 AR: Garin Trollbridge gets murdered.[9]

3.V.631 AR: Carriglena appears before The New Order of Dried Petals, making her first appearance in physical world since the rediscovery of the Witherlady's Cathedral.[11] Kara meets up with her mother. Another Moorstalk gets murdered.[9]

12.V.631 AR: Otto arrives in Anchorfall. [9]

16.V.631 AR: Otto meets Quirierle.[9]

2.VIII.631 AR: Auria, Konhnyr and the Kohmansons go wake up Kacia.[9]

16.IX.631 AR: Kacia arrives in Anchorfall.[9]

2.X.631 AR: Carriglena gets summoned.[9]

14.XII.631 AR: Auria and Jactyr meet Rosa and her new child.[9]

632 AR

10.IV.632 AR: Otto gets the idea about well-dedication stuff.[9]

14.IV.632 AR: Otto gets murdered.[9]

15.IV.632 AR: Investigation begins. Petals discuss the murder. Assassin targets Quirierle too and fails. Whytesail office torched. Auria and Quir talk about the assassin who jumped on her. Auria identifies Whytesail torchers. Auria confides to Jactyr she's an assassin. Kacia and Auria figure out how to mark Otto's signature.[9]

16.IV.632 AR: Talking to the assailant. Auria and Quir figure out why Otto was killed. Kara and Auria sneak into the Syndicate lair.[9]

17.IV.632 AR: Auria and Quir talk to the researchers.[9]

22.IV.632 AR: Auria goes to the Grey City to talk with Otto. [9]

23.IV.632 AR: Moorstalk records are analysed and plans to kill the whole lot are drawn.[9]

24.IV.632 AR, 25.IV.632 AR: Some interesting bets.[9]

26.IV.632 AR: The last whimper.[9]

3.V.632 AR: Auria holds the well-dedication ceremony.[9]

8.V.632 AR: Kacia is on her way to home and stops to eat a guy and stuff.[9]

25.V.632 AR: The New Constitutional Law on Varmhjelm's Form of Government comes into effect.

1.VI.632 AR: Ali Threrista steps down and Anders Gumtheller becomes the new Seneschal of Varmhjelm

4.VI.632 AR: a statue depicting Iscaraym Varharwenus unveiled before Docks University.

12.VI.632 AR: Kara faces the judge.[9]

14.IX.632 AR: The Carnival Wolves

19.X.632 AR: Jaana elected and coronated as the Queen of Varmhjelm.

633 AR

6.III.633 AR: Avilythia Carthann ath Acthselinn finds the carnival wolves and begins training with them.[12]

12.IV.633 AR: Circus where carnival wolves are first introduced.[12]

18.IV.633 AR: Music machine.[12]

11.V.633 AR: Maria of Rowanshade meets the two discoverers of Carnival Wolves.[12]

634 AR

11.IV.634 AR: Avilythia gets fired.[12]

16.IV.634 AR: Viktor Endlyerr, a circus ringmaster, dies. Circus fire.[12]

17.IV.634 AR: Maria and Quir have a high-flying discussion.[12]

16.V.634 AR: Avilythia is doing fine. Kara's involvement apparent.[12]

18.V.634 AR: Kara discusses her plan with Jorge.[12]

20.V.634 AR: Kara's task plan approved.[12]

28.V.634 AR: Kara talks with Avilythia about her fears.[12]

12.VII.634 AR: Avilythia, Quirierle and Kara go partying.[12]

658 AR

22.VI.658 AR: Facyr Tann, Faira Ativel and Gnedrnygr Adithebadoggr retire from adventuring life, and build an academy of adventurers. (hazy details as of yet)

665 AR

19.II.665 AR: Faira Ativel retires and forms a monastic order, by the academy of adventurers, with the remainder of the funds collected during her adventuring years.

695 AR

22.IX.695 AR: Faira Ativel dies at the age of 92.

Age of Starfaring

2264 AR

22.III.2264 AR: Robert Blackmoor dies.[12]

23.III.2264 AR: Cassandra Steelworth talks with Matthew Blackmoor for the first time.[12]

30.III.2264 AR: Robert Blackmoor's burial.[12]

15.IV.2264 AR: Peteir Blackmoor's interview.[12]

18.IV.2264 AR: First proper lunch with Cassandra and Matt; Matt's first interview.[12]

20.IV.2264 AR: First word about the puzzle box.[12]

21.IV.2264 AR: Matt depressed.[12]

9.V.2264 AR: Talking to the Carthann descendants.[12]

20.VI.2264 AR: The paper is submitted.[12]

1.VII.2264 AR: The paper is published.[12]

4.VII.2264 AR: Press conference.[12]

5.VII.2264 AR: First real look at the puzzle box in the storage facility.[12]

8.VII.2264 AR: Cassandra and Matt talk about their tendencies.[12]

9.VII.2264 AR: Carthann storage facility.[12]

9.VII.2264 AR: Cassandra talks with Max about her ancestors.[12]

11.VII.2264 AR: First newspapers. Phase 2 begins.[12]

12.VII.2264 AR: First museum visit for the children.[12]

14.VII.2264 AR: Glarron's first contact.[12]

15.VII.2264 AR: Mustering courage to look at the envelope. Talking about the business aspects.[12]

18.VII.2264 AR: Business deal.[12]

19.VII.2264 AR: Seeing Glargford Manor.[12]

10.IX.2264 AR: Matthew and Cassandra have done it. Or have they? So they do it.[12]

12.IX.2264 AR: Summarisation, abduction and explanation.[12]

2265 AR

22.III.2265 AR: Maria Rowanland cracks the code.[12]

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